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December 2016

Capturing Moments In A Bottle


Recently I was watching TV and a commercial came on for a movie entitled Collateral Beauty. One of the voices in the preview said, “What if all we have is now?” That statement really caught my attention. Having lost…

The Art of Dating At Home


Lesson: As parents of young children who are very particular about whom we allow to babysit, my husband and I have pretty much mastered the art of having “date night” at home. With the busyness that comes with being…

Learning Through Everyday Activities


Lesson:Although I try to do learning activities with my children on a regular basis, there are days that go by when there just isn’t time in the day for structured education time. I find that simple everyday tasks can…

Speaking Positive Affirmations Daily


Lesson: This is a life lesson that I hope to instill into my children at an early age. It’s heartbreaking to hear a young person speaking negatively about him or herself. As an educator, I have come across so…

Making Traditions Memories


Lesson: A very practical way that we can enrich the quality of our children’s lives is by building traditions that they can hold onto throughout their lives. Family traditions can give children security when the time comes that they…