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Help Your Staff Meet Their Professional Goals with Quality PD and FREE follow-up Coaching!
As a former school administrator and director of curriculum and instruction, I know the direct value of investing in your staff. Evaluation gives leaders clear insight into the growth needs that are present amongst their staff. The next steps toward lasting improvement and growth are training and application through follow-up coaching. That’s where I step in! ☺ I provide high-quality and engaging professional development sessions that will empower and inspire your staff to go to the next level and meet their goals. They will walk away with practical tools and strategies that they can implement immediately. As an added bonus I will provide FREE follow-up coaching for individuals that need additional support to meet their goals. Provide support and guidance for your staff by investing in their professional development and watch their performance soar! Don’t just take my word for it.

Check out a few testimonials from professionals who have directly benefited from my services:

Dr. Peeples uses research-based strategies and practices coupled with classroom and administrative experience, to effectively empower and equip our faculty and staff members. The tools that she relays to our faculty and staff are so concrete and practical, that staff members are able to implement her shared knowledge immediately to successfully obtain desired outcomes.
-John Larry-Co-curriculum Director (K-8)

Dr. Jill Peeples is an exceptional educator and leader dedicated to inspiring parents, educators and students. Her training and teaching style is interactive and engaging. Always well prepared with her curriculum and materials, she is committed to innovation and excellence.
-Anne Atherton-Founder of Oneness School Initiative (Non-profit)

The consulting and advising from Dr. Jill Peeples consistently result in impactful change or achievement. Some educational consultants provide theories and information yet Dr. Peeples takes a deeper and personal approach and delivers research-based strategies that can be amended to our specific need. Her coaching, presentations, and professional development sessions impart practical best practices that can be utilized immediately to affect change. -Dr. Donna Childs, Director and Principal (K-8)

As an instructional coach, Dr. Peeples always gave me practical and impactful ways to improve everything from classroom management and instruction to classroom set-up and organization. She is up-to-date on best practices in the classroom, is full of great ideas (or willing to look for some,) and is there to support you in the process.
-Jen Sholtes, 3rd-grade teacher

Service Options:

Teacher Effectiveness Sessions

Everyday Qualities of Effective Teachers: This session will provide practical tips and strategies that any teacher can implement immediately to improve their daily effectiveness. We will explore each everyday elements within an average school day and narrow down the most beneficial tips for improved effectiveness.

Planning and Preparation for Success: This session will explore the 1st domain within Charlotte Danielson’s Framework for Teaching. Participants will walk away with practical tips and strategies for understanding their students’ readiness levels, setting appropriate instructional outcomes and objectives that align with formative assessments and lesson planning.

Instruction & Assessment Sessions

Meeting the Needs of Struggling Learners Through Differentiated Instruction and Assessment: This session will explore effectively assessing the needs of diverse learners and then differentiating instruction and assessments to best meet those needs. Participants will walk away with practical strategies to help each of their struggling students to learn and grow.
Questioning, Discussion, and Engagement: This session explores the positive impact that questioning, discussion, and engagement can have on student learning. We will address how to incorporate all three areas into everyday instruction and assessment. Participants will walk away with practical strategies that are immediately transferable to their classroom.
Assessment-Driven Instruction: This session will explore the benefits of using formative and summative assessment to guide daily instruction both whole-group and small-group. Participants will learn to dissect assessment results and categorize data with the goal of using it to meet the specific needs of individual students.

Classroom Management Sessions
Classroom Management Strategies that Work: This session will explore effective classroom management strategies that can help maximize learning time and bring ease to classroom flow. We will address designing effective classroom procedures, instructional groups, arrangement seating and resources, transitions and managing student behavior.
Building Rapport and Understanding the Culture of your Students to Improve Classroom Management: This session will address some of the cultural dynamics the affect student learning. We will address some of the hurdles and identify strategies that can help students overcome some of the barriers and focus on achievement. We will also explore strategies and tips for establishing a culture of learning and building respect and rapport amongst students and teachers and peer to peer.

Professionalism Sessions

Professionalism Skills for Effectiveness: Participants will learn organization, time-management, prioritizing and planning skills that will boost their job-performance, efficiency, and effectiveness. Participants will walk away with an action plan to implement immediately to improve their professional skills.
Healthy Relationships in the Work Place: Participants will learn the do’s and don’ts of relationships in the workplace. With role-playing and real-life examples,  participants will experience the potential consequences of unhealthy work relationship and the benefits of healthy relationships with professional boundaries. Participants will also walk away with an understanding of the potential legal ramifications of unhealthy work relationship practices.
Leadership Essentials: This session is designed specifically for individuals in leadership roles within their organization. Whether its a seasoned leader that wants to refresh their knowledge and competencies in effective leadership skills or a newly assigned leader that needs to build their leadership competencies. Participants will walk away with practical strategies, tips and renewed confidence to be an effective leader!

3-4 hour session from the listed PD options: $750 (includes 7 hours of FREE coaching follow-up) 20 max participants
3-4 hour customized session targeting a specifically identified area, determined by leaders or administrators: $1,000 (includes 10 hours of FREE coaching follow-up) 20 max participants
7-8 hour sessions range from $1, 000-$1,500 (includes 15 hours of FREE follow-up coaching)
Individualized Coaching, Curriculum Development, and Leadership Development $100 an hour
*Multiple session scheduling will reduce the per session rate!

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