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Lesson: One of the ways that I have learned to enrich the quality of life is through appreciating the beauty of each season. At one point in my life, I used to complain about the cold weather and the gloominess that the fall and winter months brought about. However, after living in the south for over 5 years and missing out on the experience of all four season, when I moved back to the Midwest, I learned to appreciate, enjoy, and embrace each of the four seasons. Interestingly enough, the fall has actually become my favorite season! Bringing elements of the fall into our home is one of the ways that I embrace and enjoy the season.

Although my children are very young, I have started to teach them to appreciate and enjoy each of the seasons as well and this year they helped me bring the elements of fall into our home. That took my small point of joy to an enormous point of joy! :)I definitely don’t go all out with décor. I pretty much stick to a few (4) common elements that make us feel warm and cozy and I spread them throughout our home. If you don’t already, I encourage you to bring in a few fall elements into your home and see if it lifts your spirits and brings you joy during this fall season. If you do already decorate for fall, I would love to hear about how you implement seasonal fall décor into your home! Please comment and share your ideas with the rest of us.

  1. Pumpkins: I would have to say that my fall décor centers around pumpkins, different types, sizes and styles. This year I was able to paint and preserve pumpkins with my little ones and that was awesome! That will definitely be on our fall to do list each year. I actually shot video footage of our pumpkin painting session this year to capture the memory and I’m so glad I did! (Check out my YouTube channel for our pumpkin decorating video @ EducatorDrMomTV)
  2. Fall colored leaves and flowers: The colors of the fall season are so beautiful to me and the colors are what really drew me into loving the season. Those rich pops of color definitely inspire my fall décor. I pretty much stick to deep reds, burgundy and eggplant, rust orange, mustard yellow, and dark greens. An easy way to implement the color of the season is with throw pillows. A small tip is to just buy pillowcases to change your décor and use the same pillows to save money and not have to find storage space for a lot of pillows.
  3. Fall and thankful wording: I try to find signs, plaques or even throw pillows that have words of thanksgiving or fall on them. I was on the hunt for a burgundy throw pillowcase that had thankful wording and I just found one on sale for 60% off to add to my décor!
  4. Aromas: As I’ve mentioned in another article, my husband and I enjoy lovely aromas in our home. So, bringing in the aromas of fall is a must! My favorite fall aroma is a pumpkin, apple, orange spice potpourri that I simmer on my stove. I also like to burn autumn candles, in the aromas of pumpkin, leaves, and caramel apple pie. (Stay tuned for a new video upload of how I make my homemade potpourri to come)

4 basic elements that don’t require too much fuss or effort to implement, and boom, I have the feeling and appearance of the fall season throughout my home! 🙂

Application: I am going to link a few quick videos of my fall décor in this article and I hope they inspire you and help you come up with ideas to enrich the quality of your fall season this year.




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