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October 2016

Raising Team Player


Lesson:Recently one of my college roommates and I had a conversation about the benefits and life skills we acquired while being a part of organized sports and activities when we were younger. She was in the marching band and…

Small Point of Joy In Your Home

Home & Wellness

 Lesson:One of the things I’ve learned to do over the years is create “small points of joy” throughout my home. They are small things that make me smile, make me feel good, or simply feed my soul and give…

Gain or Drain


Lesson:We’ve all heard the question, “What type of company do you keep?” I’d like to push that question a little further and ask, “What type of company are you?” Are you the type of person that energizes others, lifts…

Academic Audit of Your Home


Lesson: I was recently looking through a book that I read years ago and I came across a note that I wrote myself in the margin. The note said, “be mindful of this when you have children and share…

Social Media: Good or Bad?


  Lesson:I recently joined social media full throttle as a means to connect people to my blog and start sharing things that have helped me in life. I wanted to share things that I have learned professionally and personally, with…


Home & Wellness

Lesson: In this overly hectic world we live in, it is so very difficult to maintain balance in life. I’m almost positive that most of us would say it’s almost impossible to be balanced in every area of life. It…