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Lesson: *About a year ago, right after I gave birth to my son, I started noticing that my skin was abnormally dry. No matter how much lotion or moisturizer I used I felt like my skin was drying out very quickly throughout the day. So I started doing research on natural ways to moisturize the skin with the hope that I could find something to keep my skin moisturized for a full day. I came across several articles about the benefits of using organic coconut oil to moisturize the skin. To my amazement, that was just one of the many benefits of coconut oil. Soon thereafter, I started using coconut oil on a regular basis to moisturize my skin. I immediately saw a drastic difference! The oil not only kept my skin moisturized throughout the entire day but it also made my skin feel very soft.

This led me to try coconut oil in some of the other ways suggested online. I’ve used organic coconut oil on my hair as a deep conditioner and moisturizer, as a cuticle oil when cuticles get really dry, as a bath oil during the winter months when I really need an extra layer of moisturizer, as an eye make-up remover, as a deep moisturizer for the heel of my foot during the summer months when they get really rough from wearing sandals and I’ve also used coconut oil to cook with. It’s important to know that all coconut oil is not equal. Organic coconut oil is reported to give the most benefits.

Some of the other suggested benefits of using coconut oil that I came across during my reading were:

Preventing premature aging of the skin

Sunscreen Homemade exfoliator

Helps with digestion

Diaper rash Constipation relief

Removes crayon from the wall

Teeth whitener

These are just a few that stood out to me but list goes on and on!

Application: Start researching the benefits of coconut oil, then *talk to your doctor to determine if coconut oil is something that will work for and your family.

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